Reaching New Limits in Beauty Salon Development

Use our broad platform to transform the way you experience salon services. With our advanced admin panel, you have control over everything from smooth operations to improved customer experiences. Easily manage staff schedules, appointments, and supplies from a single, smoothed dashboard.

Awesome Features

We all know how hard it can be to make a site look like demo so to make your start into the world

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Booking for Clients

Using our website and app, reinvent client convenience by making bookings, selecting services, and making payments simple.

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Easy Transactions

BeautyPro 360's KIOSK and POS systems simplify salon transactions by guaranteeing easy payments and checkouts.

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HRMS Excellence

With BeautyPro 360's integrated HRMS, you can streamline payroll, performance monitoring, and scheduling to maximize staff ma...

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Financial Peace

Adopt a stress-free approach to money management and accurate salon records, BeautyPro 360's accounting system automates bill...

What do we Offer?

Boost the success of your salon with BeautyPro 360 

  • Customizable Admin Panel  
  • POS System  
  • KIOSK System  
  • Mobile app for Consumers 
  • 20+ Payment Gateways Integrated  
  • HR System Integrated  
  • Singapore Payroll System Integrated 

It is a broad business solution rather than just a management system. It is the go-to platform for beauty salon owners who want to drive growth and customer satisfaction because it provides outstanding services, effective operations, user-friendly interfaces, robust security, and extensive support. 

Ready to Get Started?

Unlock satisfaction and growth with BeautyPro 360. It's more than just management with over 20 payment gateways, a mobile app, and integration with Singapore payroll—it's your motive force for success. Are you ready to makeover your salon experience? Begin using BeautyPro 360 right now. 

Who can Benefit?

For owners of beauty salons hoping to grow their business to new heights, BeautyPro 360 is the ideal answer. 

  • Owners and managers of salons: With our admin panel that you can customize, you can easily streamline your salon's operations. Easily manage employee schedules, appointments, and supplies from a single, intuitive dashboard.  
  • Customers Looking for Convenience: We provide unmatched convenience with our customer-focused booking system, which is accessible via the mobile app and consumer website. Using desktop or mobile devices, simply set up appointments, choose services, and handle payments. 
  • Front-line Employees: With our POS and KIOSK systems, you can enjoy hassle-free transactions that streamline checkout and payment processes. Streamline and perfect your everyday operations. 
  • Human Resources: BeautyPro 360's integrated HRMS transforms managing employees. To promote a more productive workplace, optimize resource allocation for everything from salaries and performance tracking to scheduling.  
  • Managers of finance: Make financial management stress-free with BeautyPro 360's accounting system. Take advantage of automated invoicing, billing, and expense tracking to support precise and orderly financial records. 

Users Love Us

We all know how hard it can be to make a site look like demo so to make your start into the world


We all know how hard it can be to make a site look like demo so to make your start into the world