Improving Restaurant Management through a Personalized, Exact, and Flexible Method.

As a leading platform for managing restaurants, DineSmart 360 combines a variety of tools and features to meet the various demands of today's eateries. With an admin panel that allows for complete customization, restaurant owners have effective control over every aspect of operations. This guarantees a customized and effective method of managing restaurants, where accuracy and adaptability come together to create unmatched quality.

Awesome Features

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Ordering Made Easy

Delivery and customer apps provide real-time order tracking.

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Combining POS with kiosks guarantees smooth internal transactions.

Effective table management raises customer satisfaction.

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Engaging Display Management

Interactive displays enhance engagement and the overall dining experience.

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Warehouse Management

Easily streamline supply chain, purchases, and inventory processes.

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Coordination of Kitchen Staff

Effective scheduling and coordination, particularly during high traffic times.

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Safe Payment Options

Transactions are safe thanks to support for more than 20 payment gateways.

What do we offer?

With unmatched multi-restaurant and franchise management capabilities, DineSmart 360 is a shining example of elegance. Its strength is in effectively managing several franchises and restaurant locations via a single, centralized platform, and carefully guaranteeing constant brand standards and operational consistency throughout all the locations. 

  • Customizable Admin Panel 
  • Consumer App and Delivery App 
  • Kiosk System and POS System 
  • Table Booking System 
  • Kitchen Management Module 
  • Display Management Feature 
  • Real-Time Delivery Tracking 
  • Warehouse Management 
  • Kitchen Staff Management Module 
  • Multi-Restaurant and Franchise Management 
  • Customer, Offer, and Package Management 
  • Support for Over 20 Payment Gateways 

The platform's new capabilities in packaging, offer, and customer management serve as prime examples of its customer-focused philosophy. Here, companies can create customized deals, reward schemes, and marketing bundles that encourage real consumer interaction and enduring loyalty in addition to transactional growth. DineSmart 360 is the cutting edge of restaurant management, expertly combining innovation and efficiency to completely transform the market. 

Ready to Get Started?

Use DineSmart 360 to transform the success of your restaurant. Improve kitchen efficiency, simplify ordering, and personalize operations. Transparent deliveries and eye-catching displays can elevate the dining experience. Set out on the path to operational excellence right now!  

Who Can Benefit?

  • Managers and owners of restaurants: Take helpful command of operations with an admin panel that you can customize. Assure accuracy and flexibility for the highest quality of restaurant management.  
  • Clients and Guests: With consumer and delivery apps that provide real-time order tracking, take pleasure in a seamless ordering experience. Enjoy simple dining with a simple connection and better in-house transactions.  
  • Managers of reservations: With an advanced table reservation system, you can promote effective table management and increase customer satisfaction. 
  • Teams in charge of kitchen operations: Utilize the kitchen management module to increase staff coordination, order processing organization, and inventory management efficiency.  
  • Teams for promotion and marketing: Engaging display management with menus, deals, and promotions can improve the dining experience.  
  • Delivery Groups: Give clients access to real-time delivery tracking to ensure security and transparency throughout the delivery process.  
  • Teams in charge of purchasing and inventory: Warehouse management capabilities help to ensure seamless supply chain operations and efficient inventory management. 
  • Managers of multiple restaurants and franchises: Using a centralized platform, effectively manage several franchises and restaurant locations while maintaining operational consistency and brand standards.  
  • Teams that process payments: Allow transactions to be simple and safe by supporting more than 20 payment gateways. 

Users Love Us

We all know how hard it can be to make a site look like demo so to make your start into the world


We all know how hard it can be to make a site look like demo so to make your start into the world